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Physical Fitness Evaluation (PFE)

Maximize Your Soccer Performance with Our Physical Fitness Evaluation (PFE)

Our Physical Fitness Evaluation (PFE) fitness evaluation can help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Our team of experienced coaches will assess your aerobic endurance, non-aerobic endurance, leg power, upper body strength, and mobility. Based on the evaluation results, we'll provide you with a detailed report outlining your strengths and areas for development. With this information, you can create a targeted training plan to help you reach your full potential as a soccer player.

What to Expect During the Physical Fitness Evaluation: During the PFE evaluation, you'll be asked to complete a series of physical fitness tests. These tests may include running, jumping, and strength exercises. Our coaches will watch closely, taking note of your form, technique, and overall performance in each area. The evaluation will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

What's Included in the Physical Fitness Evaluation Report: After the evaluation, you'll receive a detailed report outlining your strengths and areas for development. The report will include specific feedback and recommendations for improving your physical fitness. You'll also receive personalized recommendations to help you work on your weaknesses and enhance your strengths.

If you're ready to take your soccer performance to the next level, sign up for our fitness evaluation today. With the insights and guidance provided by our experienced coaches, you'll be well on your way to becoming the best soccer player you can be. 

Cost: $275

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