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Mentorship and Empowerment Program (MEP)

The Mental Toughness Program (MTP) is designed for highly aspiring soccer players to develop the mental skills needed to be successful on and off the field. We believe that mental toughness is just as important as physical skill when it comes to excelling in soccer, and our MTP is designed to help players cultivate the mindset and habits needed to succeed.

Through monthly 1-hour zoom classes, students will learn the essential skills of being mentally tough. The MTP kicks off with a self-analysis of the Five Pillars of a Champion before moving on to modules Creating a Self-Image, Instilling Affirmations, Being Process Minded, Visualizing to Perform, Competing to Win, Leading from Within, Persevering through Pressure, Building Resiliency, Dealing with Adversity and Fueling Self Confidence. 

In addition to the zoom classes, students will have access to an MEP handbook to help them continue developing their mental toughness outside class. Our program is designed to be a year-round commitment, with the goal of helping players build lasting habits and skills that will benefit them both on and off the field.

We believe that mental toughness is a key component of success in soccer, and we are committed to helping our students reach their full potential. If you are ready to take your mental game to the next level, we invite you to join us in the Mental Toughness Program.

This program is led by James Galanis, who has helped lay the foundation of mental frameworks for some of the top players in the world.

Mental Toughness Program Outline

  • The Five Pillars 
    The Five Pillars of a Champion module will give students the opportunity to evaluate their own game. Through these pillars, students will identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement.
  • Creating a Self-Image
    The module on creating a self-image covers the importance of having a positive and confident self-image and how it can impact a player's performance on the field. 
  • Instilling Affirmations
    The module on instilling affirmations covers using positive self-talk and affirmations to boost confidence and focus.
  • Being Process Minded 
    The module on being process minded focuses on the importance of staying focused on the present moment and the process of improvement rather than getting caught up in the outcome. 
  • Visualizing to Perform 
    The visualization to perform module covers visualization and mental imagery to help players perform at their best.
  • Competing to Win
    The module on being a fierce competitor covers the importance of having a competitive edge and a winning mindset. 
  • Leading from Within
    The module on leading from within covers the importance of being a leader and how to inspire and motivate others.
  • Persevering through Pressure
    The module on persevering through pressure covers the importance of staying composed and focused under pressure and how to handle difficult situations. 
  • Building Resiliency
    The module on building resilience covers the importance of being resilient and how to bounce back from setbacks.
  • Dealing with Adversity 
    The module on dealing with adversity covers the importance of being able to overcome challenges and adversity and how to stay positive and focused when things aren't going well. 
  • Fueling Self Confidence
    The module on fueling self-confidence covers the importance of having self-confidence and how to cultivate it.

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