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Universal Soccer Academy is a world-renowned soccer school that specializes in the individual development of soccer players. Through the Fiver Pillars of a Champion Methodology, Universal Soccer Academy has produced Olympic Gold Medalists and World Cup Champions. 


Universal Soccer Academy was founded by our President and Director of Soccer Operations, James Galanis, in 2000. In 1999, James arrived in the United States and quickly identified an abundance of talent that had a passion for soccer and in need of high-level training. Inspired to help young players James began his coaching journey. His first task was to develop an effective methodology that would act as the teaching system for his students. When developing his philosophy, James reflected on the positive and negative elements of the training he had received as a player in Australia. He recognized that Skills, Tactics, and Fitness were the main areas of training he had received, but Mental Toughness and Character training were elements that were missing or neglected throughout his youth playing career. With this realization, James developed the “Five Pillars of a Champion” philosophy and began his journey of developing players. His vision was that his students would strive to be Technically Skilled, Tactically Aware, Physically Powerful, Mentally Tough and have outstanding Character. 


This vision started to take place as students from the South Jersey area started to utilize the services of Universal Soccer Academy. Within a short period of time it was evident that the Five Pillars methodology was a powerful philosophy as Universal Soccer Academy students were progressing and gaining selection for State and Regional teams and then moving on to the Collegiate level. As the level of his students improved so did the reputation of the Universal Soccer Academy and with this came the attraction of national and international players from around the globe.


Today Universal Soccer Academy is recognized globally as a leading Soccer Academy known for the unique Five Pillars approach and the original training concepts that are found in the proven curriculum.

Our facility the Champions Center is located in beautiful rural Burlington County, New Jersey. Conveniently close to Philadelphia and New York our location provides for easy travel both regionally and internationally. 

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