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Junior Development Program



Junior Development Program (Ages U10-U12)

(Ages U10-U12)

JDP is a program specifically designed for young aspiring soccer players looking to join a high-level training program outside of their club team. Students in JDP are evaluated and accepted based on their potential. They join a year-round class that kicks off in the winter, runs through the spring, summer and concludes in the fall..

The JDP focuses on building a solid foundation of skills. Our students are taught the right mechanics behind each essential skill needed to be both effective and efficient when in possesion of the ball. Both micro and macro games are conducted throughout the year where players are encouraged to play with freedom and given the opportunity to test their skills in live game situations. In addition to the on-the-field activities, the JDP also gives our students the opportunity to study each playing position and develop the mental and character skills needed to be an effective soccer player. 


Winter (8 Sessions)

In an indoor setting, students begin the year by building their ball navigation skills. With a focus on Juggling, Dribbling, Footskills and Turns our students come out the winter phase with the ability to elusively stear through conjested areas of the field. . 

Spring (12 Sessions)

The goal of the Spring phase is to give our students the opportunity to improve their first touch and 1 v 1 skills. Students work on their first touch by mastering controlling the ball with laces, inside the foot, thighs, and chest. Students are placed in 1 v 1 situations and tought how ot effectively defend and attack in 1 v 1 situations.

Summer (4 Weeks of Camp)

Our students receive 32 hours of training over 4 weeks of Summer Camps that are designed to continue to further advance the skills improved during the winter and Spring and in addition work Distribution and Shooting Skills. On a daily basis our students refine their game and spend time learning how to pass the ball with accuracy and creativity through inside the foot, outside of the foot, chips and long-range passes. Our students develop their shooting skills and ability to score goals when near the goal by learnign how to score with power, accuracy and deceptivness. On Wednesdays of each week, our students participate in our in-house (3 v 3 / 4 v 4 / 5 v 5) tournament where they play with freedom and express themselves without restrictions. 

Fall (12 Sessions)

With significantly improved skills, our students spend the fall participating in Micro and Macro games designed to help them transfer their new and improved skills into game-like situations and improve their tactical awareness without the ball. 


  • The 5 Pillars of a Champion: Learn about the 5 Pillars essential to a champion athlete 
  • Habits of Champion: Study the on- and off-the-field habits needed to be an effective athlete.
  • Tactical Awareness: Learn the characteristics of each playing position and the principles of defending and attacking. 


  • Extensive evaluation based on our Five Pillars Methodology. 

Dates & Times

Winter (Sunday Evenings)


Summer (Mon-Thurs)








1/6/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


July 13-16


Champions Center

1/13/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


July 20-23


Champions Center

1/20/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


Aug 10-13


Champions Center

1/27/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


Aug 17-20 8-10am Champions Center
2/3/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


2/10/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


2/17/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


2/24/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center





Spring (Monday Evenings)


Fall (Monday Evenings)








3/9/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


9/14/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center
3/16/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


9/21/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center
3/23/20 6-7:30pm Ark Road


9/28/20 6-7:30pm Ark Road
3/30/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


10/5/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center
4/6/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


10/19/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center
4/13/20 6-7:30pm Ark Road


10/26/20 6-7:30pm Ark Road
4/20/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


11/2/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center
4/27/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


11/9/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center
5/4/20 6-7:30pm Ark Road


11/16/20 6-7:30pm Ark Road
5/11/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


11/23/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center
5/18/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center


11/30/20 6-7:30pm Champions Center
6/1/20 6-7:30pm Ark Road


12/7/20 6-7:30pm Ark Road

Champions Center*
* Location subject to change as parts of program will be moved outdoor/indoor depending on skills being worked on at the time and inclement weather. Majority of program held at Champions Center.

Students must arrive 15 minutes early❗️Sessions will be moved inside due to inclement weather❗️

$1550 per student

Payment can be made in full or in 4 installments with $500 due at time of registration.  The remaining balance will be charged in equal amounts on March 15, May 15, July 15.  Students joining January thru June are obligated to pay the full fee.  Students joining after June pay $1250 for the remainder of the year.  No refunds are provided once sessions begin.

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