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Champions Camp

Champions Camp (Ages 9-14)

Champions Camp is a 12-hour training program spanning four days. In this Summer Camp, students will work on refining and improving their individual technical skills and their game awareness through tactical games. Also, players in this camp will learn about the at-home habits needed to become an effective soccer player in a seminar setting. Parents are invited to this portion of the program. 

The goal of this camp is to provide a training environment that gives students the opportunity to work on a wide range of ball-handling skills through activities that maximize touches. Tactically, the camp is intended to enhance our students' movements without the ball through small sided games. Psychologically, our goal is to give students an insight into the training habits needed to be successful.

Joining the Champions Camp will give you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and improve your overall game significantly through our 5 Pillars Methodology.


On a daily basis, our student starts the day by improving their Individual Skills before moving onto micro games specifically designed to enhance their off the ball movement. Each day ends with shooting activities that give our students the opportunity to become effective when in goal range.

Dates, Times & Locations

  • July 29-Aug 1 (Monday - Thursday)
    Memorial Park, 1004 Tuckerton Rd., Evesham Township, NJ 08053
    5-8 pm  
    Students must arrive 15 minutes early❗️

Cost $225 per student

ALL Prospective Students MUST submit an application for acceptance into the camp BEFORE REGISTERING!

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