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College Prep Camp

About the program

This program is specifically designed for college level players that are looking to make an impact on their team. Students in our College Prep Camp further improve the advanced skills needed to be an effective soccer player. Our students also participate in tactical games designed to enhance Tactical Awareness and savviness without the ball. Our students also get to study the characteristics needed to be a disciplined and fierce competitor.  

The goal is to provide our students with a challenging environment that will help them become more effective in all areas of the game and prepare them for the upcoming season.

Program regulations

The camp is held outdoor and players are expected to come well hydrated and in full soccer attire including soccer cleats, shin guards, socks and shorts. Students are to bring plenty of water to cover the 3 hours of training.  Students will be given a Universal T-Shirt at registration and will be expected to wear their shirt for all 5 days of camp. 

2019 Program Dates

Dates:  TBD



Universal Soccer Academy

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We will refund 75% of the total fee if you withdraw before the first training session. Students withdrawing after the first class will not get a refund.


Phase 1

Technical Training & Character

You will build an even better base of fundamental skills and take your skills to an advanced level. Learn the personal characteristics essential to be a positive influence both on and off the field.  Learn how to stay focused on your goals.

Phase 2

Technical Training and Mental Toughness

Your new skills will have the opportunity to become instincts. Throughout the week you will repetitively practice your new advanced skills and challenge them in micro soccer situations. Psychologically you will study the thinking habits you need to have as a soccer player in training, on game day and away from the field.

Phase 3

Physical Training & Tactical Training

Build a body that is ready to perform. In this camp you will work on making your body quicker and stronger. Learn Olympic running & sprinting techniques to help you become faster and more efficient. Study player roles, modern formations and systems of play and become tactically smart and aware. Practice all your skills and tactically beat your opponent. Review your mental toughness and Character development skills. Physically challenge your body.

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