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Galanis Blog: WPS

I’m very disappointed that the league has come to a dangerous pause. I feel that the momentum of the game had been building and 2012 was going to be a huge year. Awareness for the Women’s game was at a real high and we were on our way to an even better WPS season.     
In 2012, the best soccer players in the world will not be on display for our kids. Real access role models will not be reachable after a game. The smiles, the handshakes and the autographs that shape our kids are in detour mode for now.  
On a personal level, I feel robbed of the opportunity to finish my project. We, the Atlanta Beat, were on our way to what seemed to be a successful future. I built a hard working and disciplined environment with my young team in 2011, with players that know that the club comes first, that you train your hardest every day and that you play skilled thinking team soccer. For the 2012 season, we added several super exceptional players that wanted to be in our system and a bright future was looming. The 2012 Team has now disappeared for me and my players and for you, the fans.              
For 2012, I now go back home and resume my life with my family and go back to producing players of the future at Universal Soccer Academy. Waiting are the next crop of young players that I hope get to see WPS and play WPS. Moving forward with women’s soccer, I plan to stay in the loop and help where I can.  I would love to see the lessons of today help build a better tomorrow.
The plan is to go ahead with a league in 2013. That’s the good news.
James Galanis



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